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You want investment options with companies that make a difference

You know the importance of investing for your future, and getting a good return on your investments. You also want a more equitable world, and the companies your money goes to every month just don’t align with your values. If there was a way to get a good return financially and also be socially responsible, you would feel good about investing.


Grow your portfolio and do good in the world

Invest in your future, our planet, and our culture

You can do good in the world with your wealth and invest in what matters to you. Sustainable investing, also called socially responsible investing or ESG, is an investment option where an investor looks at three key factors within companies:

  • Environment
  • Social Change
  • Governance

When you buy into a company, you become a shareholder. As a shareholder, you have a voice in the company. You have the power to influence change with your wealth.

Forethought Planning Sustainable Investing

Your passion is our passion

Impacting social change is not only an investment option we offer at Forethought Planning, it is a business model we live out. 

Through the people we hire, the businesses we donate to, and the policies we operate under, we are investing in what matters, right alongside you. 


Align your wealth with your values

Sustainable Investing is a process of looking at the companies inside your portfolio to see how they perform financially and how they operate as a company in three key areas. 

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Does the company invest in the planet and have policies to reduce its carbon footprint to eliminate global climate change?

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Social Change

Is the company employing diverse candidates including people of color and gender equality? Is there equal pay for their employees?

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How are the companies being held accountable to what they say their commitments are?

Put your money where your mouth is.

When your money aligns with your beliefs, change happens.

Women across the country are taking action on where their money is invested and having a voice as a shareholder. It is making a difference. 

Invest for future generations

Your children will inherit the future we are creating. Investing your money in companies acting on social change will create a better future for generations to come.

Sustainable Investing

Impact change with your wealth

Eliminate Climate Change

Reduce the carbon footprint with your wealth by investing in companies enacting policy change. 

Govern Companywide Sustainability

Impact governance with companies that avoid conflicts of interest in their choice of board members and senior executives, don’t use political contributions to obtain preferential treatment or engage in illegal conduct. 

Close the pay gap

Invest in companies that hire diverse candidates and provide equal pay for their employees.  

Looking for investment options that align with your values?

Our team is ready to help you invest in what you are most passionate about.