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Your Personal Board of Directors

With Forethought Planning you have an experienced team in your corner, giving you guidance. 

Why choose us?

Our team surrounds you in your wealth planning and creates a customized strategy that reflects the complexities of your financial life.

We have a team with experience.

Our team of professionals has the skills and experience to help guide you through your wealth decisions.

Our process is effective

Our approach is personal, customized, and comprehensive so you make progress in your goals.

We customize your financial plan

We know each client has a different set of life circumstances and needs, so we customize to meet those.

Shannon Foreman

CEO & Founder

Shannon is a Generational Wealthcare Strategist. She is the qualified advisor for customizing a wealth strategy and team to fit your overall needs. She brings wealth together with the life you want to experience.

In addition to building, maintaining, and enjoying your wealth, Shannon works with you on plans to distribute your wealth to future generations and charitable organizations.

Shannon is passionate about being involved in her community and raising awareness and change around equity and the wealth gap. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Urban Ventures, a non-profit organization located in south Minneapolis, whose mission is to eliminate generational poverty. 

Padao Vang

Wealth Client Experience Associate

Padao is a new addition to Forethought Planning as a Wealth Client Experience Associate. She believes that there needs to be more representation of women, people of color, and first-generation immigrants in this industry to help guide people to where they want to be financially in life. With more diversity, we will be able to recognize and establish financial plans for your individualized life story.

She is a Hmong American woman, a first-generation immigrant. In the early 1980s, her parents immigrated to the United States with the sponsorship of churches. In the beginning of her life, her family struggled and had public assistance. Gradually, both her parents gained citizenship and were able to find full time employment. With the help of financial aid and scholarships, she was able to attend Risen Christ Catholic grade school and DeLaSalle high school. She worked her way through college at the University of Minnesota and graduated in 2007. She started her career in healthcare. Now after a decade, she is transitioning into her new role. 

She is currently a mom to 3 kids and 2 dogs. She loves to travel, hike, and spend time with her loved ones. She recently celebrated her 13-year anniversary with her husband.


Paige Van Zeeland

Client Experience, Marketing, & Community Relations Specialist

Paige is a senior at the University of Minnesota studying strategic communications. She has joined the team to aid in marketing efforts, as well as to build meaningful community relationships for Forethought Planning. 

Paige was drawn to Forethought because she shares the vision Shannon has for her business and its inherent contributions to society. 

Anna M. Mazig, Esq.

Client Experience, Operations, & HR Specialist

Anna graduated from the University of Notre Dame. Over the course of her career, she has impacted policies within organizations and created efficiencies within teams. 

As a part of the team at Forethought Anna creates and codifies processes, policies, and procedures to support physical and psychological safety for the employees, leadership, and consumer base of Forethought Planning. 

How can we help you on your wealth journey?

Our team is ready to guide you through your next steps.

This is why I launched Forethought Planning - to be the forward thinking financial planning firm of the future.


History of Forethought Planning

Forethought Planning was founded in 2020 by Shannon Foreman, who had the dream to radically change the financial industry by creating an approachable wealth management firm, hire a diverse staff, and focus on sustainability in all aspects. 

After 15 years working in corporate and non-profit financial services; banking, fundraising, and wealth management, she noticed the industry looked different than the changing landscape of clients. More women and people of color are creating their own wealth or inheriting wealth from previous generations. They have different needs, ways of understanding, and goals to make an impact. Shannon created Forethought Planning as a place where clients can connect, learn, and feel empowered in their wealth journey.

Shannon grew up in a family that did not talk about money. With limited financial resources, the topic was taboo. During her 15 years in the corporate and non-profit financial service industry, she learned she is not alone. Money touches all aspects of our lives. Our stories, behaviors, and beliefs impact our relationships with wealth. Now she talks about money every day. She is on a mission to change the financial industry, one woman at a time. 


Empowering & Guiding Your Wealth Transformation

We create a wealth vision based on your goals, values, and purpose.

Through our wealth assessment and discovery session, we look deeply into your current financial status. From there we build a roadmap and implementation process to help you reach your goals.  


Money flows and money goes, but wealth stays.

Wealth management encompasses all the complexities of your financial life.

Your life is complex. Do not let your wealth feel the complexity. Start your financial plan today.
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Money touches all aspects of your life.

Financial Planning is built with a strong foundation.

We work with you to create a customized roadmap for your financial future.
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Invest in your future, our planet, and our culture.

Sustainable Investing enables you to act on social change with your wealth.

We help you find investment tools that align with the values you are most passionate about.
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