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5 Steps to Making Your Bucket-list a Reality

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Our financial stories, no matter where we are in our journey with wealth can block us from achieving where we want to go. Check out our information below and my video on how I break down setting out to achieve your bucket list!

It’s good to dream BIG!

Have you ever felt like setting goals is something vast – hard to even express but you see it? You aren’t alone. Often times we sit down with our clients and they struggle to dream big. As a part to financial planning for our clients, we explore what your true vision of life would look, feel, and the experiences that you would love to live.

Priorities & Boundaries assist in goals -> reality!

  1. What does your financial commitments?
  2. What are the pieces of life that are non-negotiable for you?
  3. Communication is key in being able to get to the next level. 

You simply can’t make a dream a reality without understanding where you are and where you want to go. While we know you have achieved great levels in your career, your income is growing, and so is your net worth, at any point you need to know what makes each of these pieces up. If you want to buy that second home – cabin or ocean front property, take that three months off a year traveling around the world, retire early and volunteer at the non-profit in any of these situations there are key pieces that you need to understand. What will it cost? What income will you need to replace? What tax planning do you need to do in order to make this vision come to life?

Create the bucket list and get realistic-ask yourself

  • What do I have time for?
  • What milestone am I working towards?
  • What will bring me joy/add value?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve my goal?

Cashflow is empowering not constricting

Accountability: allow others in your community in on the goals you’re working towards

Date your money: book time with yourself to plan ahead and prep a realistic approach to building your ‘bucket list budget’

Don’t play the comparison game

Everyone has different financial goals/behaviors/and milestones in sight. Keep your eyes fixed on what works best for you and your family—to accomplish your individual goals and cross off YOUR bucket list items without breaking the bank. 

And remember you are worthy of wealth. 

Feel free to schedule an appointment to our complimentary 30 min Wealth Assessment session to learn more about how we incorporate these strategies and others to assist you through the financial planning process. 

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