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How to avoid symptoms of Empty Nesting with guest Babs Plunkett

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Today we welcome Babs Plunkett onto the Thrive For[e]ward podcast to discuss Empty Nesting – that age old part of our life when the kids fly the coop. Babs is a catalyst for choosing joy from empty nest to retirement. She is a Certified Retirement Coach, Life Coach and best-selling author of Choose Joy: Three Keys to Investing Your Time in Retirement. Bab’s is also the founder of the Choose Joy Method to Rediscover Your Purpose online course and host of the free Facebook group “Empty Nesters’ Joyful Purpose Club,” a fun place to make new friends and swap ideas on living fully in this next phase of life.


During our conversation we discuss not only what this life transition is defined as but how we can recognize symptoms that may land us in an unhealthy space and what we can to address them to live a life more consciously choosing joy.


When Babs interviewed 100 people for the development of her book she found that as joyful as there were, they weren’t doing huge things, they were simply making conscious choices to live with joy and meaning.


Almost all of the participants had three common ways to live a more joyful and meaningful life:

•       Find things that engages your mind with has meaning and purpose

•       Move your body and keep in motion

•       Find way to connect with other people


Many parents tend to pour themselves into their kids and their lives. So much of their time is spent in social circles around their kids activities, sports programs, school and hobbies that their kids grow up and “leave the nest” these parents are then feeling lost, lonely and essentially lacking purpose.


Babs provided some great insight and suggestions to avoid this. She says that we should … “always carry a thread of the core of who you are, so you are not leaving behind who you WERE when you have children.”


In fact, this is a part of what I have tried to continue to stay true in my life as I raise children. Often as mother’s we find guilt and feelings of selfishness to care for ourselves. I try (again always trying) to build an example for my girls different than how I was raised. I talk to them about the things that make me who I am besides their momma and why.


Staying awake to our personal passion and keeping our minds curious will allow us to be independently satisfied. This should help during a life transition when you might be more aped to feel lost, lonely and lacking purpose.


My personal motto and one I teach my children is that me must fill up our cups before we are able to fill up other peoples.




Website: www.babsplunkett.com

Instagram: @babs.plunkett


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