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Creating small ripple with tidal wave impact with Bradi Voth

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I remember being in the drive up to Starbucks one morning with the girls in the back seat treating them to special hot chocolate, because after all I don’t drink coffee, when I pulled up to the window the young woman who I was ready to give my cash to said the person in front of me had paid for the girls order! Have you ever had that type of experience where someone else paid it forward to you? How did that experience make you feel when someone took that little extra effort?


Our guest today on the podcast, Brandi Voth social entrepreneur and tidal wave maker joins use to discuss a few key pieces about making impact in our lives and our communities. Our conversation comes close to a one year timeframe of COVID-19 hitting the US and the shut down starting. Brandi shares with us, very vulnerably, how this past twelve months has impacted her and why she chose never to give up. Here are a few key take-a-ways from our time together.

  1. Unlocking your purpose through seeing the impact of other unlocking their own

  2. Sticking with your dream, even when life throws you curveballs

  3. How being a leader isn’t a title but rather how we take action in radical self-ownership

We impact people every day by our actions and frankly our inaction as well. Not saying that you have to buy everyone that you come across their coffee. However, the words we use or the reactions that we have our huge. I think about this in a couple different ways that I’d love the opportunity to break down for you.


How we impact ourselves. The words we say to ourselves can break down our beliefs or build them up. When we don’t have a strong belief in our own selves how can we see the good in the world. Believing in the power we have, that we are worthy of loving ourselves, our families, and communities starts first with ourselves. Of course there is the flip side of that, that when we do things for others it can fill us up. However, to make that a long lasting feeling we have to uncover our own worth.


When we have gotten to a place of self-love and knowing our own worth we usually want to create greater change in the world. This is wonderful! Small ripples that we make can inspire others to do the same and then as our guest on the podcast today says – we create a tidal wave of impact! I immediately start to think about how we encompass this with our wealth. Small ripples that we can make is where we spend our money and where we donate/give our money to. What about where we invest our money?

Brandi chose to make her impacts with her businesses by discovering that her passion for serving woman that are unlocking their purpose could be partnered with her passion of creating support and empowerment systems for women coming out of a life of sex-trafficking. She is creating job opportunities to be able to make change in these woman’s lives. Essentially investing her business in what will change lives. Brandi and so many others have made the choice to align their values with their business and create small ripples of change with every interaction.

You don’t have to start a business to make a small ripple, in fact as Brandi and I talk about most people don’t want to, so what can you do to make small ripples, beyond just coffee, purchasing a hat, or donating money. You may have heard me talk or write previously about sustainable or ESG investing (if you haven’t tuned into episode 16 where I have a conversation with Jason Hoody from LPL’s Research team). As a quick recap this is the way you invest in companies (no not just start-ups) that are reputable in the space of environmental, social, and governance topics. Let’s lean into that a bit more.

There are a wide variety of topics when it comes to ESG investing. Historically, people have usually thought this was “green” investing or that you only did this if you were a tree hugger. If you really want your small ripples to start to work at a tidal wave of change, we have to consider how companies are being funded to create change. Do you know what companies you are invested in? Do they align with the change you want to see in the world? What if we all decided to align our wealth with our values — what tidal waves could we make?


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