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Discovering your true north during two pandemics with Ericka Jones

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We are living in a time of the force of the world changing and evolving. Sometimes before the change occurs for the greater good we have to uncover much of what we might not be so proud of. What is normal even any more? We miss the concerts, baseball games, weddings, birthday parties, impromptu outings….and what have the two current pandemics taught us that the new normal, we now have the power to create, might look like.

We are joined by yogi and Diversity and Inclusion professional Ericka Jones who has worked with top national and global companies.

We will discuss how you ground yourself in finding your true north despite two pandemics – COVID and Racial Reconciliation. Our world’s feel like they are rocked, Ericka and I discuss what are the ways we can uncover ourselves the center and grounding in what are tense times we live in. From that space then, how can we more positively and respectfully approach controversial topics like social and racial justice in order to move forward.

How does your true north guide you? How does your ego get in the way of showing up?

How do we need to disrupt yet stay aligned with this true north?

Ericka will talk with us about how we can repurposed this disruption with compassion.

If you would like to follow Ericka and participate in her upcoming yoga series that she has give her a follow on Instagram.

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