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Learn what YOUR Emotional Financial Behavior

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When you think about money and YOUR journey with money what were the aspects you learned growing up?


I have found that if we don’t deal with the behavior issues surrounding money, whatever financial planning strategy that is put in place will not be effective. We must understand how our behaviors and emotional connection with money affects the decisions we make. Otherwise elements of fear, worry, life transitions, relationships, flashy shiny things, etc. will all muddy the waters.


Our relationship with money and the behaviors and emotion surrounding that derives from not only what we might have learned or observed from our upbringing, but our environment, the communities we were a part of, etc.


In this week’s episode I share the nine behaviors and dig deeper to explain them.

 Where do you align and identify based on the behaviors below? Is this where you want to be or would you like to change your behavior to achieve your financial goals?


Family Centered – your drive for financial decisions is rooting in caring for and providing for you family (however defined by you) now and in the future, even after you have passed away.

Independent – you see your financial picture as one that only you can control and separate from advice or instruction of others.

Delegator- the opposite of the Independent, you push off the responsibility to a point of wanting no responsibility and rely on others in your life including a partner or a financial advisor to make all the decisions for you regarding your financial picture.

Incognito – privacy is of the utmost importance to you. You want no one to know your financial picture, carrying everything close to the vest.

 Competitor – checking out what everyone else has defines where you want to be at minimum. You would prefer to have a better “this of that”. You find yourself comparing to what other’s might have.

Prestige – think the VIP treatment, you know that you are important and have the expectation that you have the best of the best and usually before anyone else might have it.

Acquisitioner – finding yourself counting on a regular basis what you have and ensuring that it is safe and protected. You worry more than the other’s because you don’t want to lose you prefer to be able to always see everything you have.

Risk-Taker – that need for speed or adrenaline rush is exactly what you are looking for with your money. You could care less about the downside you are focused on the potential upside and convinced that you will always have a WIN.

Trendsetter – just like skinny jeans are out (well not for me at least) and Zumbas were once cool…you like to have what everyone is talking about. You are the first one to discover the “new” thing and jump on board.

 In understanding YOUR emotional financial behavior, I would suggest you ASK YOURSELF ..

 •    What did you learn from the people in your life and what were the behaviors you observed from them in regards to their relationship with money?

•    How did those experiences impact you?

•    Do you currently have a healthy relationship with money?

•    Are you where you want to be today or are there things you’d like to change based on your relationship with money?

 One of the most important things to remember and I see with my clients often is… What you are doing NOW with your money will affect you in the future. No one else is going to save for your retirement BUT YOU. This may not be a news flash to you or depending on your above financial personality you may look at this very differently. I break down on this episode of the podcast what might be a road block to your long term financial success based on your personality.


As we know money touches every aspect of our lives and our emotional and behavioral relationships with money are key to understanding how we can implement a strategy to meet our financial goals. 


I hope you enjoy this impactful episode and I look forward to your feedback!  


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