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#ChoosetoChallenge for International Women’s Day 2021 building financial empowerment

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2020 brought the topic of equal pay to light even more than it had been. When households had to make the difficult decision to have someone stay home with the children who were no longer in school or did not have the ability to fund care providers to supplement education — they were put in a position of answering the question “Who makes more money?” Due to the wage gap many women were the ones then having to leave their full time jobs to stay home and care for their children.


The topic of caregiving no matter for children or other’s in our lives is one that usually lands on the shoulders of women. According to caregivers.org 75% of caregivers in the Untied States are female, this is usually a task that happens later in life, or at least most think that is the case. However, personally I was 30 when my father was diagnosed with early onset dementia and we had to begin a caregiving plan for him. This event happened right after the birth of my second child. My mother is his main caregiver however, I have to step in with the strategy and resources many times because this can be a very overwhelming topic for her and many no matter how strong you are.

You might be saying okay Shannon how does this all play into International Women’s Day and equal pay? Well when we think about the bigger picture and the design of the work force it usually is not designed for flexibility, even when we needed it most in 2020. So, how do we challenge the systems that are in place now, create opportunities for planning and communication, so we don’t continue this cycle for generations to come? Well, my thoughts are addressed in this episode of the Thrive For[e]ward podcast.

A few key pieces that we will cover in this episode:

  1. What is the cycle of caregiving and how does it impact four areas of our lives – financially, relationships, practically, and our emotions/health.

  2. How do we challenge our work environments to change in order to move forward?

  3. What part does communication play in this change both in the workplace and at home?

  4. Conversation starters for these transformational conversations in your life.

  5. PLUS 5 key things you can do now to feel more empowered financially.


Tune into the latest episode to continue the #choosetochallenge theme for International Women’s Day 2021. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss out on any episode we are continuing with our them of women’s empowerment with all of our guests for March!


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