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Seize Your Life by starting every day being YOU with Jasmine Stringer

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Carpe Diem the latin phrase that means seize the day. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in this space of seizing the day every time you put your feet on the floor after getting out of bed in the morning? Or can you think of a moment that sprung you into action?


Just a few days ago we rounded the one year mark, in Minnesota, from the first lock-down experience due to COVID-19. The past twelve rolling months has provided us with many different experiences. We are actively awakening to multiple pandemics around us – not just of health but also race and mental health. Perhaps, we spent time at the beginning of this experience reflecting and growing – how have you continued to allow that to be a part of your routine? How have you, as Jasmine Stringer will discuss on this episode, looked in the rearview mirror – not a space of shame but rather reflecting on accomplishments and how you want to choose to live every day. For me, I have stepped further into that action of seizing the day because we can’t take life for granted. Many of us have experienced loss throughout our lives and especially within the last year we have all been effect by that in one way or another. There are many stages of grief and later this month we will welcome Nora McInerny to speak on those part. One stage of grief can be action that we take forward like how we want to live in true authenticity – ourselves through and through.

Many times we think that seizing the day means big lofting dreams. Jasmine Stringer, our guest on this week’s episode of the podcast, quite literally makes the choice to live with a Carpe Diem philosophy and helping other’s do the same. Jasmine shares with us about how it’s not really the big things it’s the choices that we make every day. In fact her book “Seize Your Life – How to Carpe Diem Every Day” is a perfect daily read and reminder of how we change our mindset to own that.

I also sit back and reflect after Jasmine and I’s conversation about how seizing the day in a financial space might look for you”:

  • Are there critical conversations that you need to have with yourself, you partner, or family?

  • Do you have a handle on your wealth? Are accounts scattered and frankly you are embarrassed to admit that you don’t know where they are or what they are doing for you?

  • The income that you make…are you in the space of needing to negotiate a raise or look for another job? What is stopping you?

  • Is your wealth in line with your values system? Did you know that you can design a portfolio that actually mirrors your values of sustainability, equity, and diversity? And no it’s not just for those of us that are tree huggers!

Jasmine and I talk about stepping into our true selves whether it’s through a life transition we have experience or finally decided to live our lives to the fullest. Here are a few big take-a-ways that I had from Jasmine and I’s conversation that I strongly encourage you to tune further to!


  1. Seizing the day doesn’t have to be big and grandiose.

  2. Getting clear on your vision is a process and commitment – your why sustains you!

  3. Lifestyle changes are what takes your why to the next level.


What is your why? Are you ready to create the building block to live the life you want?

Tune into the episode below or listen to the podcast via the links below to hear Jasmine share more about her story and decision to say yes I’m ready to live my life on my terms again!



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