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Impacting Change to Close Gaps with Jayne Ellegard

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Whether it be through the increase in income, divorce, death of a partner, or inheritance at some point women will be in more control of wealth in the US. Jayne Ellegard, our guest this week, and I have a similar passion for creating opportunities for empowerment and education around finances and wealth for women.


In fact, this week, Jayne is releasing her book Financial Empowerment for Women that is a true breakdown of approachable knowledge. We live in an industry that was built and designed for men including the language we use. I love how Jayne make her content REAL and easy to understand.

You can tune into our conversation that is linked below. Here is what you can expect from our conversation:

  • What can women do now to grow their comfort and knowledge around money?

  • How can life transitions impact the wealth journey of women?

  • How will the impact of 2020 and women in the workplace affect the financial future of equal pay and wealth for women?

The last point here is HUGE. I firmly believe that there are two ways to look at this: (1) We can use our power to redesign the workforce (2) We can change nothing and allow this to take women back financially a decade. I am guessing most don’t want the later option. It is important for us to take charge. I know as women sometimes it feels like we have so much on our shoulders and now Shannon you’re telling me I need to take the lead financially. One if you are blessed to be in partnership with someone my expectation is NOT that you take the lead but that you are also a decision maker and not allowing the delegation to have you lose sight of your wealth picture. If you are a single woman that all the more important.

Here are the key reasons why you need to pay attention:

  • You will most likely live longer than your partner

  • You may need to provide care for yourself or your loved ones down the road and statically you will be the caregiver

  • Wealth may transition to you and you should not co-mingle assets or let your partner control the decisions

  • You will most likely have to take control of the finances at some point in your life

Why should these pieces matter to you:

  • If you are left to be in control of a financial picture – will you have the keys to operate the way you need and want to? Or will you be blindsided because you have no clue what is going on?

Sister friend, you deserve the power to know. Let’s start this journey together.




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