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Reset your vision and learn how action creates clarity with guest Jessica Horton

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You might be surprised (or relate to) why our guest today, Jessica Horton said that 2020 was her biggest blessing.



When we look at all the obstacles that were thrown at us in 2020 and how we were impacted professionally and personally, it’s important to take the time today to look forward into what our vision is for the remainder of the year. 


Jessica’s practice focuses on empowering women to empower themselves by creating an awareness of self and developing positive mindset shifts. She spent much of her professional career as a corporate meeting planner at a top 100 retail corporation planning events ranging from 10 top executives at off-site retreats to 15,000+ team members at annual sales meetings in the US and internationally. She later transitioned to her own freelance planning firm executing corporate events as well as non-profit events and incentive trips.


Today, Jessica is doing what sets HER soul on fire. She is fulfilled and is honoring her vision and purpose. Her advise to us is to “just do messy.” Whatever we do doesn’t have to be perfect, we just need to go for it, and believe we can do it. 



It sounds easy, so I asked Jessica for some suggestions on how she coaches someone through a situation where their feel they have lost their vision. She explained three important exercises and further explains in our conversation together. 

  1. Get clarity on who you are and what are your core values

  2. Do a boundary reset

  3. Reset your intentions


Of these three exercises, I find that most of us struggle with boundaries. We take on more then we should, or even want to. 

What does it look like in real practice to set boundaries? 

Jessica said “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.” 


We need to get aware and centered with what feels good and what is the right fit for us in our life. We need to be ok with saying no without offering further explanations. Our individual  capacity might look different than someone else’s. Therefore, we need to be accepting and ok with other people’s boundaries, for this will allow them to do the same for us. 


When we set our boundaries, we can ask ourselves, what is non negotiable? What are we not willing to sacrifice? 

I often say to my clients when we look at their financial picture, what are you not willing to give up? Are there specifics that fulfill you beyond the necessities of life? As I always say, money touches all aspects of our lives and if we ignore how those impacts affect our health and spirit then we miss the mark. When we look at setting a vision for our lives, it’s important that we include the pieces most important for us. A piece I work on with my wealth management clients is their wealth vision statement. The statement they develop allows them to always come back to their WHY and make sure the choices we make financially reflect that. 

Jessica has such passion and our conversation made me rethink what I was to reset for the remainder of this year. Listen and learn about vision casting, how to define and open your mind to your purpose. By the end of the podcast I think you’ll agree with me that we all just need to in Jessica’s words … “go for it!” 



Website: www.jessicahortoncoaching.com

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