Being Bold – Prepare your heart and mind with Latoya Burrell

Harmony searches can also be individuals that don’t want conflict or for the boat to rock.

LaToya Burrell and I met through a fantastic movement in the Twin Cities called #sharethemicmn. It is the opportunity to elevate black female voices on the platforms of white women started by local influencer, media personality, and go getter Jasmine Stringer. I had the extreme honor of collaborating with LaToya. Just a week or so after our introduction LaToya officially became a published author to “Be Bold – How to prepare your heart & mind for racial reconciliation”. The book was birthed into creation after the murder of George Floyd.

As self identified (through the Strengths Finder survey) as a harmonious person, LaToya knew that with the racial awakening that was occurring she needed to use her voice rather than stand back. So in the late and early hours of the day she got to writing and putting her words on the pages of what became her book. Rather than being a book about education and history, which are also included, she expands to include self reflection. She intends for the book to be utilized in creating community dialogue – as she calls it with your growth group.

The part about George Floyd’s death which is different {yet so the same as others} is that we were home. Reverend Al Sharpton said this in George’s funeral – people were home, their lives were not as busy or consumed with packed schedules, and people were tuned into media outlets for the latest updates on a world pandemic when across their screens for almost 9 minutes they watched a man’s life be taken. Perhaps this opened the eyes to more people that had just not been paying enough attention before.

Now we see conversations, articles, research, companies making financial pledges and commitments, trending topics, documentaries, and book clubs around the topics of – equity, racial divides, white privilege, and reconciliation beginning to occur. I myself am encouraged by the conversations and interest that everyone has in topics that have been in my heart for decades. We all have so much continued learning and commitments to make around these topics. Rather than just looking at them as topics or hashtags, let’s introspectively look inside and do the healing self work first. LaToya’s book guides you just in this way!

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