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Make an Impact with More than Your Dollars

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 We so greatly need each other …


Which is why on today’s Thrive For[e]ward podcast we are talking about how you can make an impact with more than just your dollars. As we dive into this topic we’ll ask you to think about the following:

o   What is the purpose and alignment you want?

o   What is the mission you are looking to connect yourself with?

o   Realistically, what is your capacity in time and energy to give?

o   How willing are you to learn from others?


Part of the reason this topic is especially important to me and why the holidays are a time to reflect is because when I was in fifth grade I was personally impacted by the generosity of others. My father had a mental health crisis and my parents temporarily split up. During this time, money was a huge challenge for my mother and myself. But, during the holidays, it was wonderful organizations that ensured that we had presents under the tree. In addition to which, mom worked very hard to make sure I always had what I needed and I’m so very grateful for her.


Because of this experience, as soon as I was older and when given the opportunity to give back, I did. It was and continues to be a priority for me and now for my family. And I know that even if you don’t have money to give you can give your time and talents.


When I was approached to sit on the board of directors for Urban Ventures it was a no brainer for me and I’m proud to say it’s now been eight years. That said, this isn’t the only space I give my time. When our community was really hurting last summer my girls and I sorted through food when community members needed access to healthy food and groceries. I am more grounded by the experiences I have had through volunteering my time and I can see how it affects our lives and how we see the world.


Ask yourself, beyond just your money, how can you create impact and be impacted in return?


Remember, we aren’t there to rescue or save someone we are there to figure out how to learn from individuals and create opportunities for growth together.


Want to get started or have questions about where to volunteer and for what organization? Check out these resources:





For ideas on how and why to volunteer read:

 2021 Outlook – The State of Volunteerism in the US


I hope you find this episode inspiring and helpful!  In order for us to thrive forward we need to create a community that is larger and more supportive. I invite you to please share with someone you think might benefit or share socially to create more impact.


If you have a topic you would like us to explore on the podcast we want to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] and in the meantime, we hope you continue to join us on this series and invite you to schedule an appointment to our complimentary 30 min Wealth Assessment session to learn more aout how we incorporate these strategies and other’s to assist you through the financial planning process.

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