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Learn why listening to YOUR OWN voice matters with guest Margret Wilson

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When you listen to our guest Margret Wilson you’ll learn how important it is to put aside what others might expect from you. Key to determining what you want for yourself. Sometimes it’s really easy to become overwhelmed by expectation and forget our vision or even discover it to begin with!


Margret is a certified transformation coach, licensed hypnotherapist and spiritual nomad who is passionate about learning and understanding how the internal and external world works through travel, tribulations and transformation. As an abuse and divorce survivor, single motherhood warrior and a codependent people pleaser in recovery, Margaret created the community she so desperately needed and began sharing what and how she has grown through life.


During our conversation, you’ll hear how Margret learned to really listen to her own voice. How important it is to not get caught up in what the expectations others have for you, personally, professionally, or otherwise. Some of these exceptions are not even obvious or stated by those around us, we believe what they are in our own mind.


As we are mid-point in the year, I’d like to ask you …

•       What are the expectations you have for yourself?

•       What have you felt you have needed to live up to?

•       What do you want to achieve?


Many of us might feel stuck. Stuck in our situation, stuck in a mindset, stuck in our lives. How can we change this?


Margaret suggests the following tools …

•       Become vulnerable and be honest with yourself by removing what others think from the equation

•       Create the community you need

•       Be quiet and still with yourself, and not be busy being busy

•       Reflect back on what you have accomplished, achieved and overcome


As we concluded our conversation, Margret touched upon something that was my “ah ha” moment. She said that sometimes we get so stuck on what we said we’d do that we are inflexible in our mindset. As we know, life is so unpredictable. We NEED to have a sense of flexibility in order to achieve our goals and take care of ourselves in the process. IF we are flexible we will eventually get there, possible just on a new path.


Take a listen below and be inspired. Then, take some time to be still and listen to your voice. I’ll be curious what you hear.




Website: https://soulwanderlust.com

Instagram – @soulwanderlust_

Email: [email protected]


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