Channeling your confidence in order to thrive in your life with Megs Pulvamacher

Have you ever struggled with fitting in? Maybe felt a little awkward? Well both myself and this week’s podcast guest Megan Pulvermacher have been there and maybe even still are but have learned to celebrate our uniqueness. How does finding your confidence play a part in finances? Well, mindset plays a huge role. If you don’t feel good about you the likelihood of your achieving those goals your set out to are slim!

So, grab your headphones, and get ready to laugh and have fun uncovering some tools and resources to feel more confident being you!

We may even have an appearance of the basket of greatness!

Megan Pulvermacher is founder of Living Headfirst. As a lifestyle & mindset coach, she helps LGBT women and allies have more fun, shift their mindset, and build more meaningful connections, so they can live their happiest, most authentic lives – also known as “Living Headfirst”!

 Fun is the name of the game in everything Megan does, from her award-winning Create Your Own Happy (Hour) series, to her Beer & Banter LIVE series & Headfirst Radio podcast, to speaking on the importance of fun and play in overall success & wellness…fun & meaningful connection are always front and center!

Megs has also launched a new podcast helping LGBTQ+ individuals who are going through the coming out process by delivering stories from other folks who have traveled down the path. All the links below to connect with Megs. 



Headfirst Radio

Out Now What Podcast

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