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Simple Habits to Strengthen Your Body & Brain

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Today on the Thrive For[e]ward podcast we are rounding out our series on the topic of caregiving and the Alzheimer’s journey to discuss things you can start to do today to ensure you are healthy … mind, body and spirit.


We know our overall health impacts our wealth. And by that I don’t mean just money, but knowing that we are ALWAYS worthy of wealth and by that I mean the overall value of you. 


Over the years I have had many clients ask me for advice on what to do if they become a caregiver or need care for themselves.  Although I’m not a mental health professional, I have had personal and professional experience in the areas of mental, physical and emotional health and overall, just general well-being and how these areas all relate back to caregiving experiences.


When we look at our physical health, we may want to think about not only what we put into our body, but what we do to move our body and lastly what do we put on our body.


The skin is the largest organ we have. So, what are we putting ON our body is more important that we might realize. As women we are marketed so many things that can used to improve ourselves… but we should be aware that by doing so we might be adding so many chemicals and additives to our body.



o  The Think Dirty® app to learn ingredients in your beauty, personal care and household products.

EWG’s Healthy LIving App provides ratings for more than 120,000 food and personal care products.


Personally, I use natural deodorant and natural fragrances such as essential oils. Did you know that aluminum and metals are a direct link to dementia? Given my family history, having a natural deodorant is important to me as I work to reduce any potential risk. I mean these are things we put on our body every day and what goes on our skin can soak into our bloodstream…I’d rather have “good” stuff than “bad”.


We are a trustworthy society and when we walk into a store, we want to trust the brands on the shelf …  but the reality is that we should consider what we buy, use and engage with to have the best quality of life now and in the future.


Next up on the podcast we’re talking about our brain. Mental health is just as if not more important than our physical health.


Ask yourself … 

 ·      What is the environment you are creating?

·      What is the community that is supporting you?

·      How are you challenging your brain?


Exercising our brain is just as important as exercising our bodies. Things like puzzles, crosswords, reading and other activities to stimulate the mind. It is the largest muscle of our body, so you want to strengthen and grow it.


We live in such a go, go, go society that it needs to be our priority to consider how to we are re-centering ourselves. Being present and in touch with our emotional well-being and thinking about the relationships with those around us.

·      What relationships support me and what don’t serve me?

·      What relationships might be toxic?

·      What relationships needs more boundaries?



·      Insight Timer is a free app for sleep, anxiety and stress

·      Another great app is Headspace

·      For online therapy with a licensed therapist visit www.talkspace.com


The reason we address all these areas at Forethought Planning is we believe that everything is intertwined. Money touches every area of our lives. So, if you feel that any of these areas are affecting your financial life, we are here to support you.


You are worthy of wealth. It doesn’t mean the dollar amount. It means the vessel you are caring for and that is YOU!  



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