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Never Forget the Mission: 2020 in Perspective

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Often we find ourselves planning around this time for our goals going into a new year. I am literally sitting at my dinning room table with notes, a large calendar, planner, computer, and getting ready to do some planning for the new year – for the business and personally. The practice of setting goals can sometimes feel daunting, especially after the year we have just lived. 2020 has had its highs and its lows — sometimes feeling like we are on a never ending roller coaster ride. As someone who always tries to see the glass half full, I have had moments this year where I have just been rocked to the core – to say there were sunshine and moonbeams would be looking at life with just rose colored glasses. I have had moments of complete JOY and comfort as well. So, while conducting my goals for next year I’m also going to form, as a dear friend of mine Giselle Ugarte from episode 6 call it, your TA-DA list – the things I did awesome with no matter how small or BIG!

As we think of the goals we set for ourselves, I reflect on conversations I have with clients and my community – friends, family, and colleagues. When we look at goals many times we assign numbers with them whether its weight we want to lose, return or our portfolio, how much money we make, and age at when we will achieve something. In this episode, I reflect on what if we thought beyond that number.

When we get to that number/goal what do you feel? Who is with you? What experiences will you now have that give you joy?

I know, I’m a wealth planner, why am I talking about feelings?

I’ll tell you why, life is constantly changing, I walk daily with clients through life transitions and it is heavy stuff that we are wading through sometimes. There has to be alignment with the emotional and the practical otherwise one will be neglected. When we look at goals, we shouldn’t just treat them as checkmarks on a list of achievements rather milestone markers on our journey of life. As a pretty A type person who also has strong creative genes, I used to always feel a temporary achievement as I crossed off or checked the box on goals, yet something just wasn’t there and it all felt great and then it swiftly changed to the “what is next attitude.”

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s to be more present, allow myself to feel more, and define the achievements by how I will experience them rather than how I will check them off and move on to the next.

So, as you listen to today’s podcast, think about your goals differently – will they align with your values? Will they bring you joy and how? What will the impact be on your life and the lives of those that are important to you.

If you started your goals for next year thinking about money, finances, building/maintaining wealth then maybe it’s a great time to think about scheduling a Wealth Assessment with me and moving into the new year with a plan that aligns with your values.

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