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Life’s Curveballs & How to Overcome Them with Danielle Epps

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Life can feel like a whirlwind or sometimes a straight curve ball to the gut. Have you experienced any of those feelings?

Life will happen to us. It may be a global pandemic that we experience all at once and then other life events pile on. Other times we will feel all alone.

We are joined by one fierce woman who knows a few things about life’s curve balls Danielle Epps. You may know her as radio and TV personality Danni Starr but she has now taken one giant transition in life and divorced the bright stage lights, fancy dresses, celebrities, and early morning + late nights to teach inner city youth in Washington DC. She did this all while going back to grad school, taking care of two babies – one who has an intense chronic illness, losing her dad, and having a miscarriage in a foreign country.

Danielle Epps is an advocate, educator, mother, sister, and former media personality. Danni Starr, to most, began her career at the age of 19 stepping into the public eye as a media personality on local radio in the Twin Cities. Her career began to skyrocket as she connected with the audience in a real and authentic way they had not experienced before. Through her professional career she has had the opportunity to interview Jimmy Fallon, Will & Jada Smith, Ice Cubes, Selena Gomez, Tyler Perry and every child of the 90’s dream – the Backstreet Boys, and the list goes on. Danielle had the great opportunity to move to Washington D.C. to become the part of a national morning show on a BIG network. She took the opportunity and moved across the country and started a new life for her family. What happened when she got there was a whirlwind.She battled racism and sexism in the workplace. She had two babies at home. She became a single mom after infidelity with her ex. She wrote a book about it: Empathy and Eyebrows.

The piece that she always had close to her was the passion to educate no matter if in her volunteer work or through her activism. As a survivor of postpartum she began sharing her truth. She is the honored recipient of the 2016 Ambassador of the Year for the National Office of Women’s Health. She has since made the heart-fulfilling career change to work as a teacher in the inner cities of Washington D.C. to work with youth – giving them hope and love to be the future our world needs. The glow that she gets from these kids is priceless, worth more than any interview with anyone in Hollywood.

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Danielle’s Book: Empathy & Eyebrows
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