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Reimagine Your Inner Worth through Connecting with Dawn Johnson

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Have you ever found yourself feeling out of place? To the point that you were masking yourself to be someone who you weren’t? Perhaps it actually was (or is) impacting you more than you think – anxiety, weight gain, adult acne, insomnia, or affecting your relationships and views of the world?

If we dig deep it may be that our fears of something are actually convincing us that that we need to look and act a certain way. Fear that we may not have a job, that give us the resources to provide for our families or even that we allow our fear to lead our misjudgments of others because we are afraid that they may “replace” us.

Our guest today, Dawn Johnson certified Life Coach, walks us through the journey she had to discovering. her authentic self and purpose after losing her job in an unexpected, yet too often experienced, way. She guides us through a wonderful conversation about her 20+ years in the corporate world as a black woman and how the life transition of leaving allowed her to be true to her and why you don’t have to wait for an experience like that to start your journey. Experiences are real and we can learn from each other’s stories and the wisdom that they share from those experiences.

Join Dawn and I in conversation together as she breaks down:

  • The journey to authentic self includes being okay with living in the messy

  • How stepping into your authentic self empowers your relationships with others

  • The “special” sauce that allow you to show up shining bright

Dawn drops us fierce knowledge on not only on discovering and leaning into your authentic self but also how we can lean into conversations with each other in order to learn at a deeper level. Specifically, we talk about white and black women coming together and how we can really create lasting change by coming together in compassion and love.

Love though isn’t always easy. It isn’t just heart emojis and thumbs up on social media. It is deeper. Love can be messy. Love can be direct. Love can be boundaries. AND first you have to start with loving yourself. Our world has broken pieces (and arguably pieces of us) because there are so many people who don’t love themselves. The true kind of love – you’re able to stand confidently in who you are, you don’t react to the noise, and you are authentic to yourself. When you are grounded you are able to look at situations, people, and problems in your life with a whole new lens. Shame does not equal love.

As we have talked before on the podcast, your purpose doesn’t mean that you have to chose the entrepreneur journey like Dawn and I have, rather it just searching within you. The process to live authentically isn’t just that easy like snapping your fingers it takes the ability to dig deep. You are worth of this happiness and getting through the mess and coming out a more sparkly version of an already incredible person!


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