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How to Conquer Your 5K Resolution While Also Strengthening Your Body, Spirit, and Mind with JC Lippold

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Mindfulness. Music. Movement. Meaning.

How do you look at the passions in your life that are different?

Do you think that you have to choose one way?

That it has to look this way or that way because someone or society told you that it does?

We have been there – living in a space that means we have to define what is “supposed” to be rather than just BEING.

During today’s podcast, I interviewed my friend and mindset/movement coach JC Lippold. We have only known each other for six short months yet have had space to create meaningful and connected conversations because JC decided to live in his purpose rather than what other people told him to be.

People come into our lives for long periods of time and brief breaths – yet, we can offer so much meaning to each other through those interactions. JC created a community to do just that, it’s called 5K Everyday Conversations (you can find the links below to join). His vision was to create a space to allow people to connect while also redefining the term “I’m not a runner.”

Have you ever said to yourself or someone else “Oh I’m not…[insert whatever it was for you]”.

I’m sure you have. I know I used to say the same term that JC started the group for. I was NOT a runner until I was! How does it feel when we redefine the space or experiences that we have?

Can you imagine a time you did something that you didn’t think was possible but instead it was and you proved it to yourself through execution? I know I have a long list of things I could have at one point in life said “I’m not…” AND now, now I AM!

I encourage you to listen to today’s podcast because beyond moving into the space of believing in ourselves — JC and I dive into vibrant topics like how to create a community in conversation, normalizing mental health, what health is, how our money beliefs impact our futures, and how thriving doesn’t have to be about the past or the future but rather is looking at the focused effort to be present in our current state.

One of my favorite parts of JC and I’s conversation is when we dive into the space of being present.

The topic of living in the current space that we are in – this very moment. I just completed our conversation that was held via Zoom yet I’m leaving the space with a full heart and feeling more connected even though I sit alone in my office hearing the buzz of my computer while the file downloads to my hard-drive. I’m grateful for this work…pausing. Deep breath — for all my work. I get to make connections daily and this afternoon it was JC.

I was there for our conversation not worrying about the emails, texts, DMs, or what I was making for dinner (by the way which will most likely be chicken nuggets and a salad – so gourmet!). Being present is a process and something I am still teaching myself and learning from others like JC.

I used to be in a space of corporate buzz, buzz, buzz – do, do, do – this goal, and that goal. If I was to just sit and reflect on what I was doing in that moment or quietly just SIT…I felt lazy. Yet, to JC’s point and one I talk to my clients about frequently, we can’t go to our next destination if we don’t know where we are.

How do you know where you are, if you aren’t present? What is it in your life that you need to be more present with? Hangout with JC more by connecting with him:

Website: www.jclippold.com

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@the_sweaty_nomad on Instagram

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