Why Thriving in Life is All About Setting Boundaries with Jesse Ross

You know that friend who you don’t see for a long time and you just pick right back up again? Jesse Ross is that for me. We have been friends for over 20 years. Oofta that makes me feel old. Yes, I said Oofta :) We have been a part of a lot of each other’s up and downs, supporting each other both personally and professionally. Jesse is the type of person who shows up and puts every ounce of himself behind what he says he’s going to do. For instance, just recently he decided he wanted to make sure 340 kids in north Minneapolis had the right winter gear as we go into what will most likely be a bitter Minnesota winter. He left no stone unturned going about fulfilling this action and make a great impact.

As I reflect on our conversation, we engage in dialogue around how we make impact in our lives and the lives of others while also creating boundaries that truly let us thrive in life. And of course – we are unfiltered. Jesse is an entrepreneur now after a journey through social service. He loves to inspire people to live their best lives. Reminding ourselves of where we have been, the obstacles we have already overcome, and what we are truly capable of.

“No is a full sentence.” This phrase is commonly said by Jesse and it rings SO TRUE. Especially as we go into the holiday season. Whether it is an event you don’t want to go to or gifts that are given or not given – saying “no” is OKAY. Often times at this time of the year we can go into people pleasing mode. I’m a recovering people pleaser and Jesse has been there to always encourage me to set strong boundaries. We talk about how to say no even when tensions are high this year.

Jesse as a Diversity and Inclusion educator and speaker talks to us about how to have difficult conversations. We know we are living in very polarizing times. There is time for difficult conversations and there is a way to approach them without a “win/lose” attitude. We all have different approaches – what we like, what bothers us, what are we familiar with – when we understand these we understand who we are as Jesse talks about in the podcast. When we also look at the people we might be engage in a difficult conversation – no matter the topic – then you can approach the conversation by adjusting and adapting.

Start your “me” work as Jesse talks about by listening to this episode of the podcast!

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